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PT. Albera Prosperindo
  • Jakarta
  • Aktifitas : 09/04/2013
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PT. Albera Prosperindo

PT. Albera Prosperindo is developed with the vision to serve the industrial, construction and oil and gas industries by providing an excellent quality truck mounted cranes with affordable prices. To achieve its vision, PT. Albera Prosperindo with a great pleasure has cooperated with XCMG. With such a great record and continuous improvement philosophy, it is certain that XCMG will provide the best products for the users in Indonesia. A specific department for spareparts and after sales services will be created to ensure the highest services to our clients. Briefly about XCMG, Since foundation in March 1989, XCMG has always kept its vanguard role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 24 years. At present, it ranks 5th in world construction machinery industry, 122nd among Top 500 Chinese enterprises, 49th among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese manufacturing industry, and 4th among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machine-building industry, being a large enterprise group with the largest scale, the most complete product type and series, and the highest competitiveness and influence in Chinese construction machinery industry ( for more info about XCMG, please visit www.xcmg.com) Truck Mounted Crane Capasitas 2 ton : * Model : SQ2SK1Q / SQ2SK2Q Truck Mounted Crane Capasitas 3 ton : * Model : SQ3.2SK1Q / SQ3.2SK2Q Truck Mounted Crena Capasitas 5 Ton : * Model : SQ5SK2Q / SQ5SK3Q Truck Mounted Crane Capasitas 6 Ton : * Model : SQ6.3SK2Q / SQ6.3SK2Q Truck Mounted Crane Capasitas 8 Ton : * Model : SQ8SK3Q Truck Mounted Crane Capasitas 10 Ton : * Model : SQ10SK3Q Truck Mounted Crane Capasitas 12 Ton : * Model : SQ12SK3Q Truck Mounted Crane Capasitas 20 Ton : * Model : SQS500K Untuk informasi lebih lanjut bisa hubungi kami di : PT. Albera Prosperindo Andy HP : 0811-911-0229 Ym : alberaprosperindo@ yahoo.com Email : andy@ albera.co.id Website : www.crane.co.id
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